Thursday, May 29, 2008

The key to a successful car trip with a 4 year old...

So, I returned from vacation earlier this month... a great vacation on Seabrook Island, SC. No crowds, beautiful beaches, great farm markets, restaurants. great rental etc. Anyway, our 4 year old was soooo good in the car and I am convinced it was the awesome array of lollipops that kept us sane in the car. If mouths are sucking...they are not asking, "are we there yet!" ToysRUs has a fabulous selection.


Elizabeth said...


In the event the lollipops were all consumed on the trip down, you could have reloaded at The Lollipop Shop over in Freshfields. (

This old fashioned candy store was started by a teacher in Tennessee. Last year they opened their store at Freshfields.

My big kids (12 and 18) can spend hours in the Lollipop Shop.

Come back for a visit to SI real soon!

SarahE said...

Oh...I did hit the Lollipopshop more than once! Very fun place to spend a few minutes.