Monday, April 7, 2008

Here is some "mom essential" information...

This is compliments of my very fun and super cool neighbor...Dr. Jennifer Dyer.
Here is an excerpt and a link to the actual post - below in blue. The article is particularly helpful because it gives you a time frame for when it is appropriate to send your child back to school, which is not always the easiest thing to figure out and she lays it out for just about any nasty sick thing you can think of! (BTW, she will be on the Today show someday and just remember you saw her here first!)
Keeping kids home from school or day care
Posted by Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer, Nationwide Children's Hospital April 02, 2008 02:32AM
Categories: Children & Youth, Impact, Netwellness

Mild illness is common among children. Most children will not need to be excluded from school or their usual source of care for mild respiratory tract illnesses. A disease is usually transmitted before symptoms developed in the child. Disease may occur as a result of contact with children who have no symptoms of infection.
The risk of illness can be decreased by following appropriate hand washing procedures on a routine basis.............

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