Sunday, November 16, 2008

A little tip to spice up your wallet!

I generally shop at Giant Eagle since it's closet to our home and in Giant Eagle I have noticed that in the Mexican food aisle there is a "Badia Spice Section" ...what I have also noticed it that Badia spices are considerably less expensive than McCormick etc. Sometimes more than 50% less than in the regular spice aisle. I found this article about Badia and I like what they have to say..

"The other secret to Badia Spice's growing success, says its CEO, is the company's "mean and lean" operations, which allow it to price its spices at half the cost of national brands. As a smaller, private company, Badia Spices has less overhead than the nationals--and also does not engage in the expensive practice of paying premiums to supermarket chains for special placement in the mainstream spice sections. "That shelf space doesn't come from spice heaven," says Badia. "The consumer has to pay for it."
Sourcing costs, however, are similar to the national brands. "We get our supplies from the same places as everyone else," says Badia......

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