Thursday, April 3, 2008

A recipe for a new birthday tradition....

So, it's my birthday today, and I am going to try to start a new tradition as I don't think we think enough about the "gifts" we have all year long, particularly when it comes to girlfriends and since this blog is definitely more "girl" than "boy" this is for my girlfriends. Think of it like signing my "2008 yearbook" and I am slightly limited by space and time, so its definitely not collectively exhaustive to use a "strategy" term...just the beginning and more to come in 2009. (Order of "gifts" is strictly aLphaBetical.)

Abby - What are fun and interesting person you are to know! I appreciate that Jen has given me the opportunity to get to know you and hang out from time to time.
Beth - We haven't seen much of you lately, but it is pretty cool that we can go out to dinner and pick up where we left off however long it has been! Also, thank you for giving me a home away from home many years ago when I was a sad college student.
Buzzy - You are an amazing sister in law. I can't tell you how happy I am to have someone on the "in-law" team. :) Furthermore, you are from my part of the world -- go Western NY!-- and I think it makes us even more connected. I truly enjoy our relationship, cocktails, your family and I look forward to having lots of fun in the future. (You, Marya and Jen P. can all go in the beer at 10am category which I LOVE!)
Emily - so you my cousin/friend. Thank you for being such an amazing supportive cousin when I moved to DC and I am so glad we had that time together as I am sure it has made us much closer friends. It was great to see you in Columbus this year....let's make our visit an annual event.
Jen P.- What can I say, you are an amazing person who has made me a better person for the last 19 -- can you believe it -- 19 years. I also believe that there are a few conversations that we have in a lifetime that can change the trajectory of our lives and at one point in college you did that for me. So, thank you. You have been a rock in my life and I will always appreciate your willingness to have a beer at 10am, let me be a part of your family especially when mine was back in New York, or just talk about any kind of "stuff". The dinner party you had for me was one of the nicest most sincere gifts I have ever received.
Jen S.- sister in law #1, you are truly unique and creative person who inspires me to be a little bit like Martha. I knew when I introduced you to my brother you would be a great part of our family.
Jen D. - What a great neighbor you have become and what an amazing attitude you have on life in general... I feel so fortunate to have met you and to have the opportunity to continue to get to know you and Mike.
Kate - We have followed each other around the East Coast and Ohio and have had many many great memories. And, having 3 boys grow up together has been such a fun and special experience. I am so glad I tracked you down in DC. Our lives have certainly been altered by our renewed friendship....just think I wouldn't be sitting here at Nationwide!
Marya - Wow -- you have been my friend longer than anyone else on this list -- 25 years if you don't count the gap around college! And since the beginning, you have added so much to my terms of experience, advice and perspective. Your drive and willingness to try new things at times has really rubbed off on me and I know I am better person as a result, so thank you. Furthermore, in our "older years", you have opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and imagining. And, I cannot forget to mention that we have also had some seriously fun times and not just with you, but with our great families.
Melanie - First you were my not my boss, but definitely my friend. Thank you so much for the opportunity of a lifetime that you provided for me and continuing to support me professionally and personally. My life has definitely been enriched by your friendship.
Molly - another VERY fun neighbor...It has been great getting to know you as we hang on the porch and enjoy fine-dining Walhalla style!
Tori - You have grown up so much since we first met and each year you really become your own person, which I truly admire. Being your sister-in-law has evolved from sticking up for you to just being cool friends. Thank you for being you!

Like they always say at the Oscar's..."god I hope I didn't forget anyone". So, if I did, there is always next year. Thanks for "listening" and cheers (glasses clinking) a great year! Sarah


tori said...

what a good idea.

thanks for being my 2nd bank account when i first go out of college!!!

Buzzy said...

Such a great rock!

Jen O. P. said...

Sarah, great idea. Really. Especially, I want to say thanks for recognizing that your gift this year was "sincere" . . . it was totally from the heart and I love that you loved it.