Monday, December 31, 2007

Grocery Store Wine

After I pick my son up from daycare, I can basically tolerate one stop with him -- He is 4. So, it can't be wine store and the grocery store...It can only be the grocery store. In Ohio, grocery stores have a lot of not so great wine and some great "drinkers" if you look hard enough. Furthermore, I really try not to spend more than $8.99 a bottle if it's not a special occasion. (A "drinker" is a an inexpesive bottle of wine -- less than $10 that I can have a glass or 2 of mid-week.) Here are a few suggestions that I can find at the Giant Eagle in Ohio. I should note my preference is to not buy wine at the grocery store, but sometimes that is my best option.

(I grew up in a small town near Rochester, NY and in NY State you cannot purchase wine in the grocery store. It's unfortunate because Rochester has the world's best grocery stores - Wegmans and in states, e.g. Virginia, where they can sell wine Wegman's has an awesome selection. But, Wegman's is a topic for another day, as I am a Wegman's evangelist to use a term utilized in the corporate world of customer service. Okay... I went down a tangent there.)

Grocery Store Wine Picks
1. Gnarly Head Cab $8.99
2. Goats du Rhone Red or White $8.99
3. Niebaum Coppola Rosso $8.99
4. Not my first choice - Little Penguin Shiraz or Pinot Grigio $6.99-8.99
5. MAN Vintners Chenin Blanc $9.99
6. Tierra de Castilla TapeƱa $9.99
7. Bonny Doon Big House Red or White $9.99
8. Also, if you can find them, South African, Chilean or Argentinian wines are generally great bargains and very good wine.

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