Sunday, February 10, 2008

The love of my mornings....Brown Cow Yogurt

My mornings during the week have to run like a well-oiled machine if I am going to make it into the office at a decent time. Not having a lot of time to prepare anything for breakfast, I have definitely become a morning yogurt person. My favorite yogurt is Brown Cow especially Cherry Vanilla or Blueberry. It's not the super low fat stuff, but what's a few calories??? This yogurt is super creamy and reminds me a little bit of eating frozen custard. I have to buy it at a place like Whole Foods or Clintonville Community Market, one of the gems of my neighborhood. This little organic market is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood so I can walk there to pick up fresh ingredients, wine, beer, ice cream and of course, brown cow yogurt. The other cool thing about the market it is member-owned natural foods grocery store, so it's definitely not your typical grocery store experience!

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